Sunday, November 12, 2017

First Round of Edits for Cruise Into My Heart

Came back from a week's vacation in San Antonio, TX. It was crazy weather where it was 90 the first three days we were there and the rest of the time, it dropped down into the 40's. The Riverwalk is fun but it was cold. And the condo was not built for cold weather especially when the heater didn't work.

We decided to come home early and don't know if that was a mistake because only two hours into our drive, we got a flat tire from a nail. We were fortunate that we pulled in front of an Auto Parts store and they helped my husband with the donut tire. They directed us to Discount Tire about a mile away. It was mobbed. There were over 50 people with flat tires. Most of them were like us and we were there for over four hours.  I made friends and will keep in touch. Back on the road to find out the cruise control no longer worked. My husband said to take the car in Monday to have them fix it.

When we got home late Friday night, I unpacked, did laundry and while watching our DVR full of shows. Saturday, I went grocery shopping and in the middle of this errand, I got a frantic call from my husband to come home ASAP! There was a huge fluid leak from my car on the garage floor. It didn't look like oil but maybe transmission fluid. Our repair shop is closed on weekends, but they have a drop off. The only thing I noticed was that it appeared to be close to overheating. But Jim met me there and we loaded the groceries into his car. Looks like his cruise control issue will wait.

Career-wise, I did not write. I read four books which gave me insight to my billionaire series which I planned to resume on Monday. But as I should know, never make plans. In my email was my editors edits for Cruise Into My Heart. I will be so busy for the next couple of days, I might go crazy. But it's a good crazy.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Trying to Keep a Positive Attitude

I don't know about you, but this weather has me all fouled up! Yes, I like warm weather but I also like the change of seasons. Somehow, watching the NFL and the NHL wearing shorts and sandals seems like all kinds of wrong to me.

Trying not to get discouraged about my writing career is hard as of late. The publishing world is changing rapidly with different formats to keep up with technology.

I love to write and always have. My mother gave me a journal at a very young age and I wrote in it daily. I was encouraged by my teacher is high school and even though I majored in Music Education, I still had to write papers.

My first career was in the field of programming where I wrote Functional Specifications and Designs.  (Very dry stuff!) Then I branched into writing stories and then novels.

But now as an author, not only are you expected to write, you are also expected to format your work to keep up with the latest technology. Marketing is also expected of you, however, the price of attending key groups have skyrocketed out of reach.

Then there is the price of books plummeting, giving your hard work away for free. Unfortunately, free doesn't pay for food, housing and other things one needs to survive.

I hope things turn around. Sigh.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Still Working!

I know I'm late this week, but I had a good cause! Sunday was my birthday and I had unexpected company!

There has been a delay in the release of Cruise Into My Heart. I will keep you posted when it is released.

I've been working on my Billionaire series and it has kept me hopping!

But please feel free to read my other books! I look forward to your reviews!

Thank you again!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Down Time

Have you ever had a phase in your life, where you can't stop running and things are not in your control?

I'm hoping I can find time for myself to do what I want to do and relax.

I've gone to too many funerals and weddings this last year. It's like when you graduate from high school or college and all of your friends are getting married. Well, my friends children are getting married now. I also acknowledge (even though I don't want to), that I'm at that age where yes, friends and colleagues are dying at such a young age. I guess it's all part of life.

But back to writing. I'm working on this Billionaire romance story and my characters are amazing. However, I ran into a technical problem with my hero. He invites his love interest to his mansion in another country (I can't give away the plot line just yet) along with the heroine's best friend. They discover cameras in their suites. Whoa! Stop! Is that legal? I stopped writing at that point, stumped. Do I want to go there?

Lo and behold on the evening news there was a segment about rental home owners are placing cameras in their homes to see what these guests do to their homes. I've learned that cameras are not allowed in bedrooms or bathrooms.

How ironic is that?  Well, now. I can continue with the story and get that camera out of the suite. Or can I because he's a billionaire and he can do anything he wants?

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Always Writing!

Hope everyone had a great week! I've been a writing fool. I'm up to 20000 words on my new Billionaire story which doesn't have a name just yet. Soon, it will come to me.                       

Been working with my web designer on a new format for my website. Please check it out at and let me know what you think. If you see something I should add, I'd love to hear from you! 

Thank you again for your support! I can't tell you how much I appreciate you!                                                                                                                                 

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Works in Progress

The Sin Bin is bringing back fond memories as the hockey season is in full throttle.

Is available at www.Blushing

I love the NFL season but as usual, my team is in last place. Which is why I wrote Intercepted who is on a winning team.
For those of you who do not like sports, there's always Not Just an Act!

Waiting for the edits of my new book, Cruise Into My Heart!

Also, my mentor is reveiwing Breakout Heat.

Working on a new book that deals with Billionaires.

I'm busy and I love it!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

On a Rant

How many of you have used Uber? Well, I hadn't and I thought it was time to join the forces.  I had a trip planned to New Jersey to attend my 94 year old cousin's WWII veteran Memorial Service. I flew into Philadelphia International Airport and since my cousin's widow lives in New Jersey, I decided to try Uber.

My husband and I went over the guide online of "How to Use Uber in Philadelphia, PA, so I felt rather confident. I landed, got my luggage and turned on my phone and fired up the Uber App.  Well, let me tell you, my APP looked nothing like the APP online. So I keyed in my destination and the closest vehicle was Valencia, 8 minutes away. I clicked on her and called her. She was on her way.

Well, Valencia had problems locating me but we finally connected. I was on my way. I learned she had only been on the job for a week. She is from North Carolina and moved here to be with her fiance. She figured the best way to learn the city of Philadelphia was to work with Uber. We're on on our way. NOT!

The address on her Uber GPS destination read Philadelphia airport, so all we did was circle the airport. On my phone, I kept trying over and over to enter the destination address and all was futile. Finaly, Valencia canceled the trip and I was charge $16.75 for not even leaving the airport.

We pulled into Terminal A and tried again to see what was wrong. She didn't know how to "change" the destination on her Uber GPS and there was no one for her to call. Well, that cost me an additional $6.75 and I haven't even left the airport.

Valencia and I decided to find someone who knew how to use Uber. We happened upon a young lady waiting for her ride and she was a blessing. I had keyed in the information correctly but for some reason, on Valencia's end, it did not compute. This young lady was from France and was visiting her brother in Delaware. She was stayed with me until John, my Uber driver came.

He came and told me he had to stop at the WaWa to get cash out for tolls. By this time, my cousin is concerned that I'm not there yet since we have to go to dinner and I'm late. I put her on speaker and she said, rather loudly, there is no toll. Stay on I-95 and you'll be good.

John was not happy. But he took me and then got lost. I had to call my cousin again to get us in the right direction. This cost be $89.00. So, all in all, my cheap Uber fare is over $200. I am livid!

I will try to recoup my money but something tells me I'm out of luck.

Fortunately on the way home, my cousin took me home and it was a breeze.

Why do these things happen to me?